Breast Cancer and Fertility in Women

Breast Cancer and Fertility in Women

Thanks to the latest medical advances, a woman diagnosed with breast cancer can become pregnant and breastfeed her baby, as long as your injury was not high risk, that is, extremely biologically aggressive.

The director of the Breast Pathology Center and president of the Tejerina Foundation, the gynecologist Armando Tejerina, ensures that new techniques in breast-conserving surgery and advances in cryo-conservation of eggs for in vitro fertilization open a wide range of possibilities for young women to being mothers after breast cancer.

We tell you the relationship between breast cancer and female fertility.

Malignant tumors in the breast are increasingly common and appear at younger ages. Breast cancer and, above all, its treatments can negatively influence a woman's fertility. Some cycles of chemotherapy can induce non-reversible menopausal states in women over 35 years of age. But now, it is possible in young women to cryo-preserve eggs for possible future pregnancies through in vitro fertilization. It will be necessarywait a reasonable time of at least 3 years for the woman to become pregnant.

Having suffered from breast cancer does not prevent a future pregnancy in women. While it is necessary wait a time of about 3 years to be able to get pregnant with minimal risk, after having completed the complementary cancer treatments, and as long as you are free of disease.

Breastfeeding is less important today than we thought years ago. But it is true that it can partially prevent the appearance of breast cancer, when it is done at young ages. Breastfeeding in a 24-year-old woman is not the same as breastfeeding at 38 years for endocrinological reasons. If you have children at an early age, around 24 years old, and the mother prolongs breastfeeding for more than 3 months, the percentage of cancer can decrease. But when breastfeeding is around the age of 40, that protective factor decreases.

You can breastfeed after having breast cancer. It would be important for the woman to breastfeed her child for three to four months. It has been shown that this practice does not aggravate their situation, but they have to be patients whose degree of secondary affectation in the future is low.

Plastic modification in some cases and associated cancer treatments can affect the sexuality of young women. Conservative surgery or post-mastectomy reconstruction (either immediate or delayed), manage to alleviate aesthetic problems. Modern chemotherapy treatments with medication support to avoid nausea and vomiting, are a great advance to avoid side effects. The ease of use of wigs or hairpieces makes the alopecia problem is of minimal relevance.

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